Arovotter Mysize

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Sizes : XS (S/M) L/XL
Length of whole hand : approx. 18 (20) 22 cm
Width : approx. 9 (10) 11 cm
Knitting strength : 22 m = 10 cm in stockinette stitch
Guide pins : Set pins 3 mm and 3.5 mm or 80 cm round pin for Magic Loop

Yarn consumption single thread: 100 g Knittersbox Thick Merino (100g/225m) or 100 g Sandnes Yarn Double Sunday (50g/108m) or 100 g Unique Yarn Pure merino wool (100 g/200 m)

Yarn consumption double thread: 50 g Knittersbox Thin Merino (100g/400m) or 50 g Sandnes Yarn Thin Peer Gynt (50g/205m) or Unique Yarn Thin pure merino wool (100 g/400 m) together with 25g Knittersbox Kid Silk Lace (50g/ 420m) or Sandnes Yarn Thin Silk Mohair (25g/212m) or Unique Yarn Thin mohair/silk (50 g/420 m)

Arovotter Mysize is knitted from the wrong side up to the fingertips, with stockinette stitch on the back piece and structure over the stitches of the front piece. Stitches are cast off for the thumb using a thread in a contrasting colour. The stitches are finally picked up, so that the thumb can be knitted in the round.

Here you can calculate how much alternative yarn you need for the recipe: